An Illicit Whisky Still

Lost Inverlael project run by Ullapool Museum

Lost Inverlael project – site visits

Lost Inverlael: A ‘Lorg Baile Bhlàir is looking into the early settlement of Inverlael and Balblair. During phase one of the project when Ullapool Museum conducted archaeological surveys, they uncovered a prize find. An Illicit Whisky Still. 

The Highlands are littered with abandoned Illicit Whiskey Stills, to dodge the customs men and still produce the legendary Uisge Beatha that kept the Highlanders going through the long winter nights.

Highland Historian Andrew Grant MacKenzie, will chat to leading highland whisky distilling expert Darroch Bratt to discuss the purpose and identification of the still and talk about what this tells us about the communities of Inverlael and Balblair.

Location: Ullapool Museum 7 & 8 W Argyle St, Ullapool IV26 2TY


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